Friday, November 4, 2011

Fill or not to Fill

Hello Ladies!! So I have pretty much abandoned my goal of posting more. I am not so sure why it has been so hard for me. I really think it helps me and I love reading all of your blogs but it always seems I get on check up on all of you and what youre doing and then say oh i will post later. LOL So here is my new goal to AT LEAST post once a week. I even missed posting on my 2 month bandiversary!!! I mean come on!!! Im officially down 34 lbs and feel good about it. Not great because I really am not focused on what I need to be doing I could be doing much better and making better choices but after the unfill I had, I seem to be eating more now. It was better after for awhile even felt more in control if that makes sense but now I am not feeling so much of that. But I am hesitant to get a fill because I have still been having heart burn. Its not horrible but its not great either. And it always seems to come early mornings, on an empty stomach. It doesnt make any sense. Im wondering if anyone else has battled with this? My surgeon says I should not have any heartburn at all. So it makes me worried. The paranoid side of me says oh no it could be a band slip (which I doubt cause I have no other side effects) or I worry he will take more out of my band which i definitely dont want. So I am at a loss. I am going to be joining a gym next week and am looking forward into getting somewhat of a routine with my excercise. Anywho, on a positive front a couple weeks ago I went to a bariatric surgery seminar my surgeon puts on monthly and he asked me to come speak/ answer questions. I was really nervous at first but once I got going it was so much fun and really motivating. I will post a pic of that night:) xoxo


  1. I beg your pardon ! 34 lbs gone is a huge loss ... keep posting :)

  2. I am with CeCe....34lbs is a huge loss!!

    Do not keep anyone in the dark about heart burn. Is it something you had before having surgery?