Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am one! AH!

Not only am I the worst blogger EVER!!! I really haven't been in the mood or can't imagine what to write to you ladies. I also am the worst bandster!! I broke the pregnant rules. Here is a little back story to this. I have always had fertility issues. With both of my boys it took medicine to even think about getting pregnant, and the first one took almost 3 years to even concieve. So, mind you I am down 55 or so puounds. I was on birth control, but was having some issue with what i though was my band. I blogged about on my last post. Which all of the tests (cat scan, scope) all came back normal. So during that point I wasnt taking my pills. In fact I barely ate anything or swallowed anything but warm water. After alot of unfills and a fill later, there I was a week late on my period. Went to the gym which I had been doing reliously, and decided Id take a pee test in the bathroom. There's no way I could be pregnant right!? WRONG!!!! Big Fat Positive staring me in the face. Which is bitter sweet let me tell you because I was able to do this on my own no drugs and yes i will love anopther baby with all my heart but.... here I am already have a 2 1/2 yr old and almost 9 mo old mind you.. and loosing weight with dreams of cute swimsuits and capris and tank tops to wear this summer that you wouldnt buy in the maternity section.... So my emotions have been up and down up and down up and down lately.... Im happy, and this is exciting just not the best timing. I am worried and scared about giving birth with the band, gaining weight back and just everything in general. So I will leave you with that and I really appreciate all your support this far ladies!! I have been reading and keeping up with all of you and you all sound to be doing wonderful!! So I hope to keep in touch through out this un planned part of my journey! xoxo