Saturday, October 15, 2011


28 LBS!!! It is hard to believe that I have lost the same amount of weight as my 2 year old but it feels amazing. Sorry ladies that I have not posted, it is going to be one of my goals to post daily going forward.

There has been a ton going on. My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Wisconsin for his work and spent last weekend there. It is very pretty, but tring to wrap my mind around starting over and new everything and being away from everything I am used to is very stressfull and hard to think of.

On the band front I have been having a lot of heartburn and was looking forward to my first fill but instead my doctor took out 2.5 cc so now I am left with 2cc and no heartburn, which in the end is a good trade. I have not noticed any extra hunger. I am still losing weight which is also a positive (maybe the stress). I was discouraged but I was told that being that tight is not always the best thing, what counts is feeling full. Heck...I have a the rest of my life for fills! If we move I will also be about 5 hours from my surgeon which is a scary thought...

I hope all of you are doing great, I will be commenting more and back in the full swing of things! XOXO

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello Everyone! Its been a little while since I have been on.  I have missed everyone! I am trying to catch up on all of your blogs!  I am a week or so from my first fill and oh boy can I tell i need one.  I can pretty much eat alot... not sure if this is normal and I feel super hungry all the time and my bad behaviors have started to creep back on me and I am hating it, I thought I had battled this problem and the band would help but I am really struggling lately. I almost am finding myself slightly deoressed about it.  I know I have a eating disorder, from hiding and sneaking food at a young age to binging and eating as fast as possible.  It is like I dont have control and once I do these things, afterwards I am so mad at myself.  So I say Brooke you can control this you can do this but somehow at that moment when I should stop and reflect and realize I dont need another bite or I dont need to sample my childs leftover honeybun or whatever it may be, I do not have control over my hand and mouth.  It is so very frustrating.  I am just hoping this will get resolved somewhat or at least help once I get a fill.  I know though that I need to take control of this and fight it.  I am going to be sucessful.  My hubby and I came up with a gameplan last night.  #1 To make a meal plan... high in proteins(which Im struggling with) #2 Vitamins Vitamins Vitamins #3 workout blah! And to stick to the plan!:) Wish me luck!! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!