Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost to onederland and scope time!?

Hello Lovely Ladies!! As you can tell I have been seriously neglecting my blog. I plan to try and change this!! I want to post weekly, this month has been so crazy. Sick children, to not moving which I am pretty happy about!! And christmas... just busy. On the positive my wieght is at an all time low and I hit my goal of 50 lbs down this week. I right now as of this morning weigh in at 203.7:) Pretty excited about it. I want to be under 200 by new years!!! Onderland here I come!!!! On the negative end, which I dont even like to talk about, it gets my anxiety going. I might have to have a scope this week or next. Anyone else have this done? I have been battling heartburn every month since Ive been banded, always the same time of month, the week before my period. I have only had unfills never a fill yet- at 2 cc's, but doing great with my weight so no complaints there. But just recently this month I had what started feeling like heartburn but turned into a burning stabbing radiating pain right under mysternum, that would not go away with anything!! It was the most deabilitating (sp) pain I have ever had. This christmas weekend I had it off and on fri thru sat. So I have really been paying attention to what I eat and etc. seeing if there is any links to why or what would cause it. I told my Dr about it and he thinks it could be possible that its an ulcer, or it could be band related. Im just so nervoues to find out what is going on. But also very anxious because I am terrified of the pain returning. So my anxiety is kinda kicking in. Enough of the negative, lets hope for an ulcer and a quick easy fix. Hope everyone had a great christmas and looking forward to a happy new year!! xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 month Bandiversary!!!

Hello Ladies!! Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, life has been hectic! I can't believe that it has been three months already since I was banded. I am down 42 lbs from the day of surgery and 48 pounds from the start of the process. I feel great and have really been committed to going to the gym, I think that has really helped. I am still at 2 cc and feeling pretty satisfied most of the time. I still have afternoons where all I want to do is snack and daydream about food. LOL Hoewever I feel more in control. My goal was to get under 200 lbs by christmas, which is fastly approaching. I am not quite sure I can achieve that but I am definitely goping to give it my best shot. That would mean I would need to drop 14 lbs in 25 days. 3 lbs a week is what I have been averaging, so I have almost 3 weeks so I could maybe get 9 or 10 lbs which would be awesome too. Wish me luck! Hope everyone is doing great!!! xoxo