Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello Ladies!!

Thanks for all of the positive comments, sorry I am not commenting back sometimes it will let me, other times it won't.  :(  I have had alot of energy and I'm super excited! It is my 4 yr wedding anniversay today and I think the first time we haven't celebrated by going out to eat.  It looks like its paying off though because I am down 20 lbs as of today (including pre op diet) woo hoo!!  I am kind of hungry here and there but I think It is more mental than anything.  I tried really runny applesauce today and it kind of hurt.  I think I will have to give it a litte more time.  Went through the biggest ordeal of my lapband life today, I have a uti and I got antibiotics for it yesterday, well needless to say if applesauce hurts you can imagine those huge horse pills hurt really bad.  So I tried crushing them, ya.... not so good either. I even tried mixing it in applesauce it did not help one bit. So I called my obgyn and she told me about this powder form of antibiotic drink that you mix with water and after a two hour wait at the pharmacy finally got it under control.  Now I am just worried about dealing with the pill ordeal in the future.  Oh well, I will take it as it comes:)  Hope everyone is doing great!!! Its almost friday!! xoxo


  1. Happy Anniversary! I can relate to the celebrating without food. I am day 7 on my liquid pre-op diet and today was my Birthday and I didn't go out to eat or even eat Birthday Cake! It was a little strange but all okay, especially when I think of the end result!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Pills do get a bit easier although I still have to cut up some of the enormous ones..

    I hope you fell better soon..

  3. Happy anniversay.
    It will get easier to take pills once you are healed. At least it is for me. I know some people have trouble if they are pretty tight. I need to be tighter since I can swallow a whole handful of pills without a second thought.

  4. I always let my doctor know that I have a lap-band and they always prescribe my liquid medication or antibiotics.